Why does my system bass when car doors are opened or closed?

System is installed incorrectly. Can be ground, remote, RCA or way the wires were installed. 

Why is my stereo on but there is no sound?

Factory amp is not getting power.

When the car is shut off why does the stereo stay on?

Stereo wires are crossed or hooked up directly to memory.

Why is it that my system gets interference and pressing the gas pedal it gets louder?

Installation error, the interference is from your alternator. Reinstall the ground and wires. 

Why do my subs pop at loud volumes

Your amp is too powerful for your subs or turned to high.

Why does my amp keep shutting off at high volumes?

Your amp is probably not stable at the ohm loading you are running.

Why does my alarm go off when someone drivs by with loud base.

Your shock sensor might be adjusted to a real high sensitivity.

What is the difference between RMS and peak power handling?

RMS is the amount the amplifier is going to give all the time. Peak is the amount that the amplifier can hit as a max.

Why does my light dim when the bass is on?

Your vehicle power supply is not strong enough to handle your amplifiers power needs. 

Why do my wires keep melting and breaking

You need higher gauge wires, or thinker wires. 

Why does my amp get so hot and shut down?

The amp can not handle your subs or its not installed correctly.

Why does my bass sound muffled and distorted.

Your speaker wires are crossed so they are not getting enough power.

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