Fabricated Boxes

We build custom wood boxes that are wrapped in vinyl or cloth. Most of our custom boxes are made with fiberglass and they can be wrapped in vinyl, cloth, or leather-or even painted to match your car. This fabrication is excellent for your speaker system. Call us at (303) 362-1837 to learn more.

There are many reasons that we utilize our custom fabrication skills in vehicles. we build custom subwoofer boxes that fit into unused areas of a car, such as a trunk storage cavity, so that no space is lost. Other times we use our skills to place speakers in their most idea positions in a car while maintaining a factory look. 

We specialize in building incredible systems that are not obtrusive or awkward. As a matter of fact, most of the fabrication we do is designed specifically to look as though the vehicle came that way from the factory. But , we can also do the full-on custom car b builds designed to be seen, and heard!